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Working in game graphics for 15 years I’ve been involved in so many aspects aspect of game creation. 2D painting and texturing, 3D modeling and animation, vector animation in Flash, scripting, tool creation, and game design. I’ve even shipped production code in AS3 and in C++. Most recently, I’ve been an art director, still making content, but primarily focused on leading a team of artists to produce, grow, and enjoy the work they do.

Ive spread my net wide, I’ll admit. But having worn so many hats gives me a better understanding of what it means to wear each one. More importantly, it gives me a better understanding of how to work with the people who are so focused on just one aspect of design, whether it’s art, code, or production.

I feel this comes in part because I think like an explorer. I love to explore every part of whatever I’m working on because design doesn’t just come from pretty pictures. Why limit yourself to just that aspect of it?


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